Saturday, January 7, 2012


In an attempt to be more productive each day I have decided that scheduling is a must. I need to be a better housekeeper, cook more from scratch, do more activities with Charlie, exercise, and still have energy left to spend time with my family in the evening. The way I am doing things now is to procrastinate all week and then do a mad dash through the house if someone threatens to visit. It’s just not working. I am stressed out and I don’t sleep at night because my to-do list is the same every day. I also, regrettably, am letting my little guy watch way too mush television instead using fun activities to bond and teach. They don’t have to be elaborate activities; they could be as simple as reading a book or going for a walk in the fresh air. I also haven’t exercised in so long I practically get winded loading the dishwasher, let alone the extreme sport of hand washing dishes. I need to get back to the obsessive Melissa that lives in a sparkling house, eats meals made from scratch, and has cute little projects created by my little artist hanging all over.

What’s your schedule look like?